About Us


Our Vision

To draw attention of society to the contributory factors that lead to the occurrence of Domestic Violence (DV) within Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) families; thereby making these contributory factors the focal point of any discussion. These factors include:

– Societal Perceptions
– Ethnicity
– Religious Beliefs
– Customs and Traditions
– Culture
– Norms and Values

To eradicate domestic violence and eliminate inequality cultural based values and principles; assist women, men and children of BAME decent to better understand and integrate properly into the United Kingdom (UK)

Allow and encourage and support the victims make informed decisions that are in the best interest and benefits to themselves as individual first, and other parties involved including the situation where children are involved.

Promote empowerment by continuously conducting research, refer and encourage the victims and survivors to access suitable education and employment options and opportunities to enhance and rebuild their lives in the process instilling a sense of confidence and fulfilment in their life’s.

To implement simplified innovative, effective and preventative measures that can tackle and reduce Domestic Violence and abuse cases.

Our Mission

To provide specialist services and raise awareness on Domestic Violence (DV) and abuse amongst Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) within Greater Manchester and beyond. Break the silence; give a voice to the victims thereby preventing potential damage, saving lives’ where we can through collaboratively working with the victims. To implement a holistic approach, by providing advocacy, educating and safe shelter to the vulnerable Adults, Women, Men and Children.

What We Do

– Conduct regular Focus Group Meetings (FGM’s), Seminars and Workshops, addressed by motivational speakers with expertise on specific selected Domestic Violence and Abuse topics.

– Raise awareness and education through Film Productions and offering screening opportunities to enable the public to watch, gain understanding of the severity and the impact of Domestic Violence and abuse on victims.